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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

The changing content management marketplace

The VP of Strategic Marketing from Ricoh, Mark Boelhouwer, came out Grand Rapids to talk with us earlier this week.  In addition to learning that the Netherlands has 2.7 bikes per person, we learned much about the changing managed print and managed document services landscape.
Here is an interesting statistic.  “For every dollar spent on printing, organizations will need another nine dollars to manage the documents printed” (Source: All Associates Group).  It’s the iceberg concept.  The market is shifting (being pulled by customers) to focus more on the traditionally unobserved costs associated with document output. Here is another interesting thought.  By 2020 IDC projects the digital universe will be 44 times the size of 2009.  In 2010 alone it grew 50%.  However, the economy has made it tough for many companies to account for this.  All organizations will have to continue to get more efficient to be able to compete.  We will all have to create smarter, leaner offices!