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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Paperless: Fact or fiction?

Can we really go paperless? I read an interesting article that talked about the shift of the output from the producer to the consumer. Although I agree with many of the statements in this article I think there is more to it. I feel that the biggest obstacle is our culture. We print because we are used to seeing a hard copy.
I find it hard to believe that an email really needs to be printed. I find it hard to believe that an invoice needs to be printed just to be filed away. If it can be reproduced there is no reason to have a hard copy. And that does not even include the time that it takes to file it away. The technology is there. It is possible to move to a more electronic world. One of the team members here likes to say, “document management is not the future. It is the present.” I could not agree more. A Totally paperless office may not be possible, but I think everyone should evaluate their culture and see where they can make changes to impact the bottom line.