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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Easy ROI and a step toward ECM

We have worked with organizations throughout Michigan to help them evolve a paper based process to something more cost effective and efficient. There are many departments that you could look at starting your lean project in, but one area provides quick return on investment and will allow you to jump start your electronic document management project.
Document distribution. The costs add up quickly. Here are a few questions that I would ask. Do you sent out invoices to your customers? Do you send statements? What else gets printed out and mailed to your customers? Why is it done that way? Do you have a way to send it electronically currently? If not, the costs can be staggering. Just think about the cost of paper. The cost to put ink on paper. The cost of the device to print on the paper. The cost of the envelope. The cost of the stamp. It does not take many outbound documents to cost justify a content management system. And once you have successfully implemented, you can move on to a project that may not have cost justified itself with little or no investment!