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Photo of laptop open with digital filing cabinets on the screen

Paul Menn, Sales Operations Specialist

Does My Business Need Doc Management?

Within your organization, technology seems to be the constant. Processes are always involving, many of which require technology to accomplish. Take a look at your records management process. Do you have filing cabinets scattered throughout the building? Do you have an overflowing storage unit full of unorganized banker’s boxes? Does your business need a Document Management System – (Sometimes referred to as Electronic Content Management or ECM?)

The short answer is: YES.

What is a Document Management System (DMS?)

A Document Management System is a system used to receive, track, manage, and store documents.  It is a one stop shop that incorporates document capture, workflow, storage, and retrieval, streamlining document processes.

Why Does My Business Need DMS?


Document Management Systems allow administrators to create rules dictating the flow of documents through an organization.  The ensures that documents flow seamlessly from one department to the next. This is especially necessary if you have multiple people or departments that need access to the same document.

Centralized Storage / Information Retrieval

Chances are, your business is using a home-grown method for Document Management – mix of old filing cabinets, a shared IT network, flash drives, hard drives, and email attachments.  Often times, home grown systems or processes are a recipe for disaster. As in, an actual disaster. What happens if your computer or server crashes that is storing your scanned documents? What would you do if a flood or fire ripped through your office – taking every paper file out?  If documents and information are spread across multiple repositories there is the increased risk of lost files, errors, or simply being forgotten about. A Document Management System serves as a centralized storage hub for documents (often times in the cloud,) which allows users to quickly sort through and retrieve what they need.  No more standing at a filing cabinet flipping through stacks of file-folders.

Security / Monitoring

There is perhaps no greater buzz word in the modern age than Security.  With DMS, you can control who has access to certain documents, set security levels, and attach encryption codes to track the activity on specific files.  It also allows for monitoring of document changes and history of who made changes.

Whether you know it or not, your business already has some form of document management system.  The question is whether your system is meeting for your needs.  In today’s business world, you need an effective system for your employees to share work and easily retrieve information.  You also need to make sure your information is secure and monitor who is accessing your documents.  A dedicated DMS program will help you achieve these goals, transforming your office into a more productive and efficient workplace.

Ready to move towards more efficient paperless processes and see what a DMS can do for your organization? Send us a message and one of our experts will reach out – no strings attached.