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Mari Martin, ECM Sales Development Specialist

DMS Apps Keep Information Flowing for a Workforce On-the-Go

Employee Running With Documents Employees and executives are working outside the office more than ever before. Whether these employees are remote workers; working in the field, or traveling on business, they don’t always have access to a laptop or desktop computer. With the increase in mobile users, document management software apps are necessary to help keep information flowing for a workforce on-the-go. It’s not surprising that employees frequently use their smartphones or tablets for maximum portability and convenience. Because of this, employers are waking up to the fact that it’s important to provide mobile options.

Workforce Trends with DMS Apps

A 2017 WorldatWork Trends in Flexibility survey noted that more than half of the companies surveyed stated they purchase laptops for telecommuting employees. In addition, one in three bought their employees cell phones, mobile data programs and software. Samsung and Frost & Sullivan teamed up and surveyed 500 managers and executives working at companies or government organizations in the U.S.  The survey was about their use of mobile devices and applications in the workplace. Respondents reported that as a result of using smartphones to get work done, they gain nearly an hour of work time each day and see an estimated productivity increase in 34 percent. Fears about mobility negatively affecting productivity appear to be unfounded.

Mobile Benefits

With the document management software mobile app, users can access documents, stay involved in workflows, and store documents in the software anytime, anywhere. Authorized remote employees can use the document management software app from any mobile device. All they need is an internet connection! Then they can pull up the information they need then and there. Employees also receive alerts of new tasks to review and documents to approve. They can collaborate with other staff members in real time to keep work moving forward. Document management software can help keep information flowing to your workforce on-the-go. Have you thought about utilizing a DMS application to help keep employees connected with necessary information?