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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

A holistic view of people, processes and documents

Providing a consolidated view of documents, people and processes makes it easier to mitigate enterprise risk, discover problems and create solutions and accountability. Trying to manage paper-based documents or even electronic content spread across multiple sources is time consuming and tedious.
  • OnBase WorkView is used to build applications for tracking and managing a wide range of business interactions whether they are case based (all interactions based on a person’s case file), project based (all interactions related to a group of people working to complete a common task) or process based (all interactions related to a group of people participating in a process). It is also the basis for the OnBase Risk and Compliance Solution, which is appropriate for regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Your employees can use OnBase Collaboration to create virtual workspaces in which to share documents, ideas, conversations and even WorkView objects. By centralizing resources and threaded conversation strings, collaboration improves decision-making and can be preserved as a record of the decision-making process.
Once policies and procedure are defined, Document Knowledge Transfer (DKT) is able to broadcast these decisions to groups of employees, vendors, shareholder, etc, who are affected and can validate that they have been notified. Users are asked to acknowledge that they have read and understand the assigned reading item. For most organizations, compliance is no longer an option, it is the law. Let us show you what your options are.