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Becky Newman, Production Support Specialist

Wide-Format Still Front and Center

How cool is that when you can offer your customers the opportunity to do something they didn’t even know was possible? It’s not just that Wide Format equipment now fits the printers’ business models. It’s that there is still much untapped opportunity. With the ability to print on pretty much any substrate, you can do things that nobody even considered before. Who imagined that we’d be talking about PSPs cranking out personalized wallpaper for orthodontists’ offices, branded apparel, or corporate décor? Yet, here we are.

In a November 29, 2018 webinar (“Accelerating your Path to Profitability with Wide-Format”), Dan Johansen, marketing manager, commercial and industrial printing for Ricoh, cited data from a variety of research studies that show just how quickly this technology is growing.

This growth, Johansen said, is being credited in part to the introduction of new substrates, which are opening doors to an exploding array of applications, from indoor and outdoor, short- and long-term, and everything in-between. “Every surface is an art board,” he said. “Diversity is driving innovation…and fueling growth.”

The fastest growth is among healthcare (59%), advertising, (57%) and construction (55%), and retail (54%), with the others not far behind.

Most profitable wide-format applications? Banners (with 55% of respondents saying this category is highly profitable), vehicle graphics (53%), signs (51%), and wallpaper/interiors (49%).

Data: Wide-Format Still Front and Center

 Wide-format is here with a vengeance. One webinar provided a great summary of data on the growth and opportunities in wide-format graphics.

Think Applied Innovation for all your Wide-Format Needs!

From the original article by Heidi Tolliver-Walker