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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

What are the Benefits of Mobile Printing?

Today, work isn’t confined to the desktop or your PC. Business professionals are working from smartphones, tablets, and laptops as mobility is required in this new world of work. With mobility comes increased flexibility and productivity – as long as your print environment supports it. Mobil printing 

Benefits of Mobile Printing

Increases Productivity

When an employee has the freedom to print anywhere in your organization at any time, it tends to increase the productivity of that individual. Little time is spent waiting for the office printer to free up if a large print job is running because employees are able to print from any department. Mobile printing also reduces the the amount of time sales spends in the office. They are able to quickly print a contract from their phone or tablet. This maximizes their time in the field rather than spending unnecessary time in the office. Your customers will thank you for your prompt service.

Easy for Guests to Use

If you have a mobile printing process in your office, your IT department typically won’t be involved with set up. Often times, you may have contractors, visitors, or employees from other offices stopping in and requesting print jobs. Without mobile print, IT would have to set them up on a guest network, download print drivers, show them how to use the drivers, and maintain security. 

Potential for Containing or Reducing Cost

Being able to deploy a mobile printing solution in your organization can do numbers for your bottom line. When access to printers are given, users are less compelled to print large quantities, knowing they can print on demand. Large quantities can sometimes mean large amounts of waste. You are able to reduce the amount of prints being made because they are more intentional with mobile print.

Ability to Work from Your Own Device

If your company doesn’t issue you your own laptop, smartphone, or tablet, mobile printing is a great solution. This is because mobile printing doesn’t require specific drivers. You can walk into one of your remote offices, recall a message from an email or a document, and print on demand.

For employees who are on the go – whether it be working remotely, traveling between offices, or in the field, mobile printing isn’t just a “nice to have” feature, it’s a “need to have” feature. When configured properly, printing from a mobile device is just as secure and simple as printing from your PC and takes a lot less IT integration.