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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Statistics on print management and why it makes sense to explore

InfoTrends research shows that organizations spend an average three to six percent of their annual revenues on copying, printing and fax-related costs. Gartner research has shown that most companies could reduce their printing costs by 10–30 percent. These statistics are not new. They were relevant before the current trend of Managed Print Services (MPS). If this is something that you have not explored, there has never been a better time.
Using MPS, you can save money, energy and increase your end-user productivity. Many times the end result in a managed print program is also new technology. New devices installed will be better suited to perform their businesses requirements and impact how quickly a task can be performed. With enhanced functionality of the new devices many organizations bring more work back in-house and save on costly outsourcing projects. And now more than ever the manufacturers are listening to the demand of work environments. More compact devices that can perform more tasks quicker than ever before… The current state of imaging technology allows customers to leverage current spending to do more with less. If you have not looked at managed print services, or if you looked at it before and did not act, today would be a good time to visit this project to impact your bottom line and increase performance.