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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

PaperCut Secure Print Release: Making printing easier and more secure for teachers

Today is Teacher Appreciation Day, so we wanted to highlight one of the best tools to make teachers’ jobs just a little easier: Secure Print Release from PaperCut.


Especially with exams coming up, security is a big concern for teachers. If you print a document from your computer at one end of the building to the printer at the other end of the building, you want to make sure that no one takes or misplaces your documents, accidentally or intentionally. That’s where PaperCut comes in. With Find-Me / Secure Print Release, users queue print jobs to a virtual queue and release them for printing on a specific printer. Authentication is required before printing, so only authorized users can print and collect the secure documents. For teachers, this is a great way to ensure tests won’t be stolen or misplaced before they reach the classroom. In addition, PaperCut MF can eliminate unclaimed printouts, because you have to be at the printer to authorize the print job and claim the prints. This helps cut the unneccessary cost of wasted paper and toner. Are you interested in eliminating waste and increasing security in the classroom? Contact your Applied Imaging sales representative today! Don’t have a sales representative? Call our Customer Loyalty Center at (800) 521-0983 to get started.