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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Mobile printing from a tablet or smartphone

A while back we wrote a blog article that talked about printing from mobile devices. And in four months the technology related to printing from mobile devices has changed (to no ones surprise). As you also know, the workplace is changing. There were 470 million smart phones and 65 million tablets sold last year. And fortunately vendors are listening. The previous article discussed the solution that each manufacturer is providing. Unfortunately many of these do not address all the devices on the network. Fortunately there is an alternative.
Recently we found out about a product that helps users print from an iPad, Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows smartphone. It will allow users to access any device on the network. What I felt all the other solutions lacked was compatibility. This product is vendor agnostic. It will print to any device regardless of who manufactured it. Click here to see how mobile printing can work for you. Let us know if you are interested in finding out more about how mobile printing might work in your environment. As a platinum EFI partner, we can help! mobile printing options