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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Automatic toner replenishment

In today’s workplace, there are always things to remember and, consequently, things that are forgotten. At Applied Imaging, we’re hoping to make your day-to-day work activities easier, so we’re taking one of those things off of your to do list. With our automatic toner replenishment program, we send a new toner cartridge to you every time the one in your machine drops below 20%.
Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not. Here’s how to get started:   If you’ve already signed up for FM Audit: 1. Call your sales representative or send Mike McCurry an email at [email protected] and tell them you’re interested in the automatic toner replenishment program. They will take it from there!   If you haven’t already signed up for FM Audit: 1. Go to and click on the “PrintSmart Survey” link. You can find it on the main header above “About Us” and “Solutions.” 2. Fill out and submit the short survey. 3. Wait for an email with an install link. 4. When the email arrives, click on the install link and install the program. It should take about five minutes. 5. When the program is installed, reply to the email and ask to sign up for the automatic toner replenishment program.   It’s that easy! Once you’re signed up, we will automatically send out a toner cartridge whenever one drops below 20%. As long as we have it in stock, it should arrive in 1-2 business days!