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Jack Cooper, Director of Service

Service Technician Challenge Showcases Applied Innovation Element of Success: Fun

Fun [ fuhn ] noun something that provides mirth or amusement Fun is but one of our twelve Elements of Success. Recently Applied Imaging hosted the 4th Annual Tech Olympics for our service technicians. The event is designed to bring together all of our technicians from across the region who want to participate (and who wouldn’t?) for a fun afternoon test of their skills. This gives our technicians the opportunity to interact with colleagues with whom they normally wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis. The Fun included a communication event in which a K’nex toy had to be built based largely on the telephone game, as in the person that can see a finished model describes it to a teammate, who then relays it to the rest of the team to build a second, identical model. Following that, teams were challenged to build the tallest structure possible within the allotted time, using only drinking straws and masking tape, topped with a marshmallow to mark the highest point to measure. Third on the list was a troubleshooting challenge consisting of a short written test and an actual machine with symptoms they may encounter on any given workday. The last event was a human bridge, in which a ball was transported from point “A” to point “B”, using two pair of teammates and lengths of PVC. The ball could not touch the floor, or any human being, and had to be dropped into a bucket at the finish line without bouncing out. Prizes were awarded for each event, as well as the overall Games winner. Gold, silver, and bronze medals were given to the top three places in each event. Teams were also provided T-shirts for a team T-shirt contest, voted on by all those present. Yours truly was even the subject on one team’s shirt! At Applied Imaging, we believe that by promoting Fun events like Tech Olympics, our Elements of Success will carry on in our service to you, our valued client. Thank you for choosing Applied Innovation.