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Diverse IT Team

Bob Martin, Sales Executive

Does MNS Replace My IT Department?

IT is a big job and although you may have a staff and IT manager that are great at their jobs, they are possibly overwhelmed.  Sometimes a project may require a specific skill set that your current IT department has no experience in, and it doesn’t make sense to hire someone new to handle it.  A Managed IT provider can help solve this problem by offering a wider variety of employees with specialized skills.  They can work with your internal IT to complete a specific task right when you need it. If you’re IT team could use some assistance and are curious about if an MNS provider will replace your team or empower it, we’ve got the answers for you.

Common Questions Covered On MNS

Should I Outsource My Network?

A sound and secure network is imperative to stay in business and often strategic initiatives for improvement fall by the wayside to the daily minutiae of managing it.  This coupled with a smaller pool of IT staff, especially cybersecurity professionals, it makes sense to outsource this time consuming, and often more expensive function to a third party.

What do I get with Managed Services?

Help Desk Services

Outsourcing your IT help desk services to a third-party provider can help by pushing the reset button on your IT department’s daily operations. Everything from desktop to printer support to network maintenance assistance can be outsourced, allowing your IT department to focus on important applications for your business.

Proactive Response

It is hard for internal IT teams to keep track of updates and security patch alerts. Your MNS partner responds to upgrade and notification alerts so you do not have to. Operating systems and anti-virus patches are kept up to date.

On-Site Repair

A good MNS support package will include maintenance and repairs.  You will not have to budget for or be surprised by unanticipated repairs.

24/7 Monitoring

Your IT Staff must sleep, they get sick, and take vacations.  A MNS partner has a fully staffed network operations center that monitors your network around the clock.

Technology Roadmap

Many MNS services come with a vCIO to help you plan for future technology strategy.  A good vCIO can match your infrastructure needs as you grow so your IT supports that growth instead of hindering it.

Access to Knowledge

A managed services provider has likely worked with a variety of clients with many different needs, configurations, products, and platforms and should be a reliable source of knowledge because of that.

If you are unsure about how well your current network is structured and there may be a concern with security, you could bring in a third-party expert, such as Applied Innovation, to assess it and spot any inefficiencies and security threats. Your internal IT staff can serve you best by putting their inside knowledge of your company’s needs to work. Let your IT department focus on you and let a MNS provider take the busy work off your hands.  The happier your employees are, the more they will want to work for you.  A MNS provider should complement your teams work, not detract from it.

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