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John Roncka, Production Print Sales Specialist

Understanding What Print “Quality” Means

Print quality is the characteristics of the printed characters on a print-out that make them acceptable for their application – We are often asked by our customers for a device with “high quality” and it’s our job to help determine what their definition of “high quality” is. Surprisingly, it’s not as easy to answer as you might think. For some customers, it’s how well the device reproduces their chosen corporate colors or how vibrant colors are on the page. For some, it’s how consistently a device can produce a like image or color from month to month. For others, it’s all the above. There isn’t a wrong answer but because there are so many aspects of print quality, it’s important to understand which are the most important for your application before deciding on a printing device. Work with a vendor with access to multiple manufactures and printer types (inkjet, laser, UV etc.) to make sure you can get the results you expect.