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Ang Hoecker

4 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Existing Print Fleet

While the world of work becomes increasingly digital, printers continue to serve an important role in most businesses. Printers are essential in many industries for legal documents, contracts, or marketing materials. Yet, the expense of upgrading your fleet of printers may not outweigh the benefits. In this post, we’ll look at ways to get the most out of your existing fleet of printers.

1. Assess Your Fleet and Its Use

The first step in maximizing the efficiency of your print fleet is to take stock of what your business currently owns. Compile a list of your organization’s copiers, printers, and multifunction devices and note their location, age, and model. Next, analyze the print data for your fleet and determine which locations and departments print the most and which type of printer. Need access to print data? Print management services can help.

2. Implement Print Management Services

Investing in print management services will give you an accurate picture of your organization’s printing activities. The tools available within print management software will provide valuable insights into the quantity and types of projects being printed, by whom, and on what kind of printer. Once you possess accurate data on your company’s printing behaviors, you’re ready to make decisions to optimize your current printers.

3. Create Printing Policies

With print management services, your IT department can establish rules and policies for printing within your organization. For instance, if your printing data shows low-efficiency printers used for large print jobs, create a rule that automatically sends the job to a higher-efficiency printer. Consider also making a rule that limits the amount of printing by your team members to reduce printer use.

4. Invest in Managed Print Services

A final consideration is to partner with a company that offers managed print services (MPS). By contracting with a company for MPS, your business’ print fleet will benefit from regular maintenance, which often goes overlooked in stressed IT departments. MPS will ensure your printers have routine cleaning, service, and maintenance to avoid inconvenient downtimes and extend printer life.

Getting the most out of your current fleet of printers requires a small investment in time and software. With the correct data, you can make decisions that will optimize your current printers and extend their use. Additionally, contracting with an MPS provider will ensure your fleet has the regular maintenance it needs to continue serving your company well into the future.

Whether you’re looking for a print management service to help your company gather current print data or a managed print service to care for your existing fleet, Applied Innovation has what you need. Our print specialists can help your organization craft a unique solution that fits your needs. Take the next step and contact one of our experts in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, or Tampa, Florida.

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