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Ang Hoecker

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Printing

For the 21st-century workforce, the cloud has quickly become the standard place to store and locate important files. Documents. Graphics. Spreadsheets. You can access your data wherever you are on whatever device you have. Cloud printing is no different. It brings convenience to one more area of your work life. Cloud printing enables you to send your documents to the cloud to be safely stored until you are back in the office and ready to retrieve them. But how does it work? Is it secure? Is it expensive? Read on to find answers to these and all of your other cloud printing questions.

What Is Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing is a service that allows you to print from an internet-connected device – laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. There is no need for a direct connection to a printer or to be within a set distance of the printer. Cloud printing allows documents to be sent to a cloud print service and stored there, even if the device is not on the local area network.

How Does Cloud Printing Work?

First, the internet-connected device sends the document into the cloud. Next, software installed on the printer, or a locally connected device pulls the document from the cloud to the printer queue. Finally, the document prints after the user swipes an ID or uses a passcode to release the document from the print queue.

What Devices Can Print to the Cloud?

Any internet-connected device (e.g., computers, phones, tablets, smart speakers, and displays) can print to your fleet of printers using cloud printing services.

Do All Printers Allow for Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing services can adapt to your existing printers, whether they are black and white or color multifunction copiers or desktop printers. Not all services will work with every printer, so reach out to a print management service expert before you invest in any print solution for your company.

Do I Need Any Special Hardware for Cloud Printing?

Depending on your company’s size and unique needs, you may need to purchase additional hardware to make cloud printing a reality. Have you had the experience of printing a document to a wireless printer, only to have the print job stop when you closed your device? This experience is an example of “simple printing” because the printer did not receive the entire document’s data before printing. Larger companies, or those with more hybrid or remote workers, will likely need a “complex printing” setup with onsite hardware that permits larger print jobs to be received and held until they are ready for printing.

Is Cloud Printing Secure?

Yes! With the right software, several layers of document security are possible. Before printing, users authenticate with your cloud printing service to send a document for printing. During printing, the swipe of an ID or the use of a passcode releases stored documents for printing. A final layer of security in the form of a watermark identifies the employee and stamps the date and time on the document as it prints.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing relies on an internet connection for both the device and printer. Therefore, a robust and reliable internet connection is necessary when sending the document to the cloud and receiving it from a printer. The security of your documents and printer can be a concern, so be sure your cloud printing service protects both.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Printing?

Cloud printing services can provide more flexibility to your employees as they work from the office, on the road, or at home. With the right service, your company’s existing devices and printers are kept in service, saving your team time and your company money as it streamlines and tracks printing.

Applied Innovation’s experts in Print Management Services can help you select the best cloud printing service for your business. With multiple services to select from, our representatives will choose the best cloud printing service for your unique needs. Contact one of Applied Innovation’s Print Management Services specialists in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, or Tampa, Florida, and take your business’ printing to the cloud.

Is Cloud Printing Right for You?

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