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Mark Johnson, ShredHub Consultant

What Happens to Paper After It’s Shredded?

Shredding your confidential material keeps your material secure. Seems self explanatory right? But I’m sure you’re probably thinking: What exactly happens to my documents once they are shredded? For the eco-friendly, the expectancy is that your material is recycled. Individuals typically can’t send their shredded material to be recycled because small quantities of paper are too disarrayed for recycling centers. But the great news is- shredding companies can bale the shreds and have them fully recycled. So how does this exactly work? After paper is shredded, the shreds are then baled and taken to a recycling center to be treated and made into new paper products.  Some of these products include household products like napkins, paper towels, paper plates, and boxes just to name a few. Below is the process that takes places after your material is shredded:
  1. Heated Bleach Wash
The recycling process starts with the shredded paper being placed in tanks of bleach to be chemically washed with heat application.  
  1. Pressing Paper Fibers
Next, the broken down washed paper fibers are pushed through a screen to remove any impurities.  
  1. Washing the Ink Out
Afterward the paper is rinsed and prepared to remove any remaining ink.  
  1. Creating New Paper Products
Lastly, the pulped paper can be bonded, dried, and used to make new paper products like the ones previously mentioned! Procuring a company to handle your shredding needs is important if you would like to ensure proper disposal and recycling of your confidential documents. At ShredHub, we would be happy to speak to you regarding your business’ needs. Fill out the form below to learn more!   You may also be interested in:  The Benefits of Shredding Tips & Best Practices for Handling Confidential Information ShredHub Customer Story: Hope Network Rehabilitation