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Bonnie VanSledright, Content Producer

Perfect Your Next Printing Project

If your business has printing needs (think annual reports, proposals, estimates, contracts, and more), it’s important to guarantee high quality at every step. That means you need to ensure that your printing needs are met while also protecting your data. It’s necessary to identify a printer that matches or surpasses your requirements in terms of capabilities and security features to safeguard your data. Here’s how you can help your company perfect your print game.

Choose the Right Printer

When purchasing or leasing devices for your office, it can be difficult to make the right decision simply due to the wide variety of options available. Regardless of your industry, it’s probably time for an upgrade if you are using old, outdated devices.

Older electronics can increase costs and daily frustration in the office. These outdated machines may also lack the most current connectivity, making it more difficult to complete multiple tasks from multiple devices — either from within your office or remotely. Instead of relying on the same printers, copiers, and scanners your office has used for ages, consider investing in new, more advanced technology.

Whether your business requires personal desktop printers for small jobs, large production printers, or multifunction machines that can print, copy, scan, and more, Applied Innovation can help. At Applied Innovation, we offer a wide range of printers from Ricoh, Canon, HP, and Kyocera. These devices are true multi-taskers offering powerful and consistent performance at impressive speeds. Top-of-the-line and network ready, these devices can improve workflow efficiencies, reduce costs, and minimize waste to help your business run smarter and do more.

Match Printer Capabilities With Your Business Needs

When considering new devices for your business, you need to ensure that whatever you purchase is equipped with the capabilities that meet or exceed your company’s needs. Do you have projects that require advanced color and finishing, use of a fifth toner color, wide-format printing, varnish and foil techniques, cutting and binding, or label printing? Then you’ll need more than a standard printer whose main purpose is printing black and white invoices on a regular basis.

And it’s also a good idea to plan for future capabilities. If you see your business growing or expanding, you should consider not only what your needs are today, but what they might look like a few years from now.

Applied Innovation has solutions for whatever your business requires. From single office settings with a handful of employees to large corporate offices with multiple locations, Applied has the devices and expert staff to get you set up and back to business with all of the bells and whistles your print projects require.

Safeguard Your (And Your Customers’) Data

When working with any technology with connectivity functions, security should always be a top priority. While machines keep getting smarter, so do the people who are trying to intercept personal data. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that the technology you use supports the highest level of security needed for the types of data your company handles.

According to her CSO article, contributing writer Susan Bradley says, “We need to treat printers like computers. These devices should be given the same amount of security resources, controls, processes and isolation as need (sp) for any other computer in your network.”


With smart technology and advanced security features, you can print and copy effectively while protecting your business against hackers. By investing in the latest devices and partnering with a firm that specializes in data protection across the board, such as Applied Innovation, you can control security policy settings, manage access to each device, and safeguard sensitive information from a centralized location. 

Elevate Your Business With the Perfect Print Partner

Who you choose as a technology partner is as important as the devices you purchase. At Applied Innovation, we know that choosing a machine with a robust design and dependable operation allows your technology to evolve with your business. We offer a wide variety of devices designed to achieve maximum uptime, keeping productivity high and maintenance low. We also prioritize security at every step, with offerings such as managed security services, backup and disaster recovery, and compliance monitoring.

Whether you work in healthcare, manufacturing, or education, ensuring that your or your clients’ printed materials are flawless and handled securely is critical. These considerations will help you produce a higher quality print project that’s safer and more efficient every time. 

Ready to find the perfect print partner? Applied’s print experts perform a comprehensive audit, matching solutions directly to your business requirements and goals in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Tampa, Florida. Contact us at