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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Managed print terms defined

As you look at the world of Managed Print and the different trends, here are a few definitions from Quocirca that I thought would be relevant and helpful…
  • Mobile printing: Mobile printing refers to print jobs submitted by business users via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.
  • Cloud printing: In a cloud printing scenario, print jobs are emailed to a registered web or cloud-enabled printer via a private or public cloud.
  • Pull printing: Pull printing functionality allows a document to be released only upon user authentication using methods such as proximity/magnetic/smart cards or biometric recognition. Users submit jobs to designated pull-printing queues and jobs are moved from the pull-printing queue to the dedicated print queue. Pull printing enhances security and minimises wastage by ensuring print jobs are only collected by authorised users.
Managed Print Service (MPS): This is the outsourcing of the print infrastructure through a process of assessment, optimization and on-going management. MPS comes in many flavors, from entry level basic MPS packages that wrap hardware, service and supplies based on a cost per page contract, to more sophisticated enterprise engagements that include document workflow solutions, change management and continuous management, based on stringent service level agreements. As you explore managed print, hopefully these terms and the ideas behind them help you out.