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Mark Johnson, ShredHub Consultant

A Snapshot into Medical Record Shredding [2 minute read]

Because medical records come in many different forms, and contain loads of personal information such as names and birthdates, addresses, personal financial information, social security numbers, and medical record numbers (MRN’s,) it is imperative that this information does not end up in the wrong hands. With these records having such high volumes of personal information, medical records are a primary target by criminals for identity theft. Due to fragile nature of these records they require extra care when it comes to safely disposing these highly sensitive documents. HIPAA Privacy Rules state that covered entities must set in place appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of protected health information (PHI), in any form. As such, covered entities must ensure that their employees receive the proper training on HIPAA compliance and the proper disposal of such information. Check out how we helped Hope Network with destroying their sensitive patient information here. For more information on how to keep your healthcare organizations information safe and secure, contact ShredHub at 1.833.SHRDHUB or visit our website at