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Brittany Denton, Applied Resources

Wellness Corner: Fall Activity Minute Challenge

Our Nutrition Challenge came to a close with the end of summer. We drew random winners for some treasured Applied Wellness gear and everyone is looking great for the new season ahead. The kids are officially back to school which bring us to our fall wellness challenge, the Active Minute Challenge. This challenge is a group challenge, tracking active minutes collectively. We will start on 10/7/19 and complete the challenge on 11/17/19. The CDC Recommends 150 Minutes of Physical Activity Each Week! We are making this our focus! Teams of four are joining together and picking the best team name they can think of. Within the groups of four, teams will receive a point each time 150 active minutes are achieved (That is potentially 4 points a week if a team meets the minimum). This is being done by either screen shots of a health tracker or finding active minutes manually. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge is our winning team. Good luck to all that are participating!   Related Articles: Wellness Corner: Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals! Wellness Corner: Nutrition Challenge  Wellness Corner: West Michigan Walking Challenge