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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Are you prepared for a storm?

A Michigan winter brings a variety of storms; snow, ice and even a cyclone. To prepare for winter you may change your all-season tires to snow tires, pull out the shovel or snow blower, stay off the roads until they have been plowed and bundle up in tall boots and a heavy down winter jacket. We take these measures to keep ourselves safe and protected through these winter months.

What happens if a storm hits your business?

Are you prepared if a storm takes out your power, malware infects your system, or your hardware fails all together?

To prepare for a storm, every business should have a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) plan in place. A BDR allows your company to not only back-up your data but gives you the ability to recover your files and software quickly and easily. If your company is relying on a single tape back-up system or no back-up solution at all, below are a few reasons you need a BDR solution.

Hardware Fails. Unfortunately, even with the most up-to-date technology devices fall short of perfection. Nothing lasts forever and servers need maintenance and replacement. With 140,000 hard drives failing every week, it is not a matter of IF, but when. BDR’s mitigate the risk of losing data if hardware does fail. (Source: Small Business Trends)

Human’s Make Mistakes. People are the unknown variable in the IT environment. Human error can be as simple as deleting important files. It can also be as catastrophic as an employee opening a malicious email that got through your spam filter that ultimately infects your whole system.

Mother Nature has a mind of her own. 30% of businesses have been impacted by natural disasters. If a fire, flood or tornado were to destroy your business, the backed-up tape may be left in the rubble. Off-site or cloud-based storage ensures another level of protection, so if your equipment is destroyed, your data is safe. (Source: Online Tech)

With the combination of natural disasters, human error and hardware failures, the reality is your business will experience data loss in a matter of time.  Protect your business and keep it running smoothly and successfully. Backup Disaster Recovery options are available for all kinds of businesses and are built around their individual needs. You’ve worked too hard to get your business where it is. Protect your hard work and relax knowing your business is protected from any storm. Contact NetSmart Plus today to get started with a BDR plan!