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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Top 4 with Applied Innovation – Cybersecurity Threats in 2019

A new year is not only a time for great reflection of the previous year, but also a planning period for the year to come. Every year, new technology is released, software is updated, and new security threats are on the horizon.

It’s time to ask yourself: How secure is your company moving into 2019 and what threats are out there?


1) Ransomware is on the Rise

Cybercriminals use ransomware to encrypt business data and hold it in the black market until they are paid a ransom. Unfortunately, paying their often high price does not always get your data back.

2) Phishing is Becoming More Targeted

With the progression of technology throughout the years, hackers are learning more and more about buyers’ habits and relationships. With this information they build campaigns to exploit a person’s willingness to trust. To avoid this security awareness training is a must in 2019.

3) Data Breach Reporting May Expand

New laws like the General Data Protection Regulation require businesses to report any breach that has personal data in it. Personal data is defined as, “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.” Businesses are at risk for increased fines, penalties, lose of clients and negative Public Relations with this new legislation.

4) Users are Riskier

With more individuals working remotely and work computers being brought home, users become riskier. Employees are considered “risky users” since they are connecting to insecure networks. To regulate this risk, companies can add safeguards like a VPN login or multifactor authentication to decrease infected machines from joining the network.

Cyber Security is a very real and crippling threat to all businesses. Security Awareness Training is a must in order to prepare your company for the real threats that are out there.


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