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Travis Kensil, IT/Connectivity Manager

Coronavirus? Go Phish.

Amidst this pandemic, your business may have seen an increased amount of Coronavirus-related spam. Please be careful when opening anything related to the Coronavirus/COVID-19. Cybercriminals are sending phishing scams through emails, attachments, social media message links, and even texts and calls on your phone.

Topics may include:

✖️Check updated Coronavirus map in your city, local infection warning, World Health or CDC emails asking you to fill out surveys, etc.

✖️Scam emails/calls to raise funds for “victims”.

✖️Offering “free” remote access, video conferencing or other tools to help you work.

If you receive emails like this, please use caution and delete them as most of these are malicious or spam. Your IT provider can enhance or modify your filters to address these emails but its necessary to be vigilant.

How can you help your IT provider keep your business safe?

1. If an email exhibits any signs of malicious content or is asking you to provide passwords or personal information, delete that email immediately. In addition, if you receive an email asking you to download content, click a link or respond/call someone, this is most likely a phishing scam. The risk of following the email’s request is far greater than ignoring it.

2. Use a method outside of the email to verify the request. Call the person making the request, find the link/company mentioned by using Google instead of following the link in the email, etc.

3. If you think you may have downloaded or installed a malicious program or believe your account may be compromised, please contact your IT team immediately. There are immediate steps they can take to disable your account and prevent an unauthorized individual access to company data.

NetSmart Plus, powered by Applied Innovation, is fully equipped to manage your IT infrastructure. By proactively monitoring your network, you can mitigate the risk to a data breach from phishing scams. We’ve got policies and procedures in place to ensure you, your employees, and your sensitive company data is protected. If you don’t already have an IT Strategy in place, rest assured, NetSmart Plus has your back.