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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

The Importance of Business Continuity

What is the importance of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) incorporating business continuity?

Business continuity establishes a plan that helps diminish and avoid the chance of disruption of every day operations. When a network is compromised it affects the profitability-and no one likes to lose money! Instead of a reactive disaster recovery plan, business continuity sets up a proactive support strategy enabling your company to minimize risk and vulnerability.

Are you tired of worrying if your information is protected? Business continuity gives your company the peace of mind that your information is protected and, in a position, where if disaster strikes, you will be up and running with little to no backlash. With 24/7 monitoring, hourly back-ups, updated software and a IT business strategy you can rest easy knowing your information is secure.

Promising streamlined proactive support involves more than just a firewall and a break-fix solution. To provide business continuity, an MSP needs to provide their customer with a strategic business plan in case of a disaster that will give them the ability to bounce back quickly. By investing in technology experts and staying on top of industry standards, NetSmart Plus ensures top-notch continuous support. NetSmart Plus provides each client with a Virtual Chief of Information (vCIO) who becomes an integrated part of our clients every day business processes.

As an established MSP, NetSmart Plus focuses on how quickly we can get your business up, not how long you will be down. With proactive support and a pre-established recovery processes in place, the everyday worry and headache of IT will be eliminated.