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Brittany Denton, Applied Resources

Wellness Corner: Workplace Walking Challenge

Applied Imaging has wrapped up our Biggest Loser Challenge! 21 participants maintained their starting weight or lost weight during the 12 week challenge. Those 21 participants receive $5 of their $10 entry fee back. We are proud to report that 11 participants met the goal of losing 7% of their body weight during the 12 week period. Those dedicated employees all split the remaining pot of entry fees among themselves. We are excited to be joining the Workplace Walking Challenge powered by Terryberry. From April 22nd to June 2nd, Applied Imaging will be competing with other wellness-minded organizations in Michigan. This is a walking challenge, and Applied Imaging’s second year participating and the team is all a buzz! Check out our Facebook page in the next few weeks as we capture the fun! How are we increasing our step totals?
  1. Walking at lunch
  2. Parking in the back of our lot
  3. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  4. Walking meetings
  5. Early morning walks or a stroll after dinner
  6. When we are grocery shopping, we will make two, or more, trips to get the items inside
Health and wellness is very important to our teams at Applied Imaging. We love sharing our tips and tricks with you!