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fresh cup of coffee and sunrise

Ang Hoecker, Digital Marketing Strategist

Tips For a Better Morning

It’s no secret that waking up early and taking time for yourself creates a positive mindset and increases productivity.  There are plenty of people who will read that first sentence and think, “Not me, I’m just not a morning person.”  I hate to break it to those of you that think that way, but anyone can become a morning person.  Whatever your goals may be, creating routine just takes practice. Consistency creates habit. Following these simple tips for a better morning will have you in a positive routine that is second nature in no time – “morning person” or not.

7 Tips For a Better Morning

1. Wake up early

✔️Avoid the snooze button – it makes you more tired. Every time you hit snooze, fall back asleep, and your alarm goes off again, you just continue to relive waking up.  Why not just get up the first time? This might be the most effective tip for a better morning, so I would start here!

✔️Wake up before everyone else – it helps you get more done. There are less distractions and less people requiring your attention.

✔️Once you’re up, drink some water to kickstart your internal systems and to hydrate yourself after a good night’s sleep!

✔️None of the following will be possible without starting the day sooner.


2. Workout

✔️The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

✔️You don’t have to leave home to get a good workout in. There are tons of at home programs and resources to choose from. In addition, consider taking your dog on a walk.  I’m sure your pet would love the fresh air and the fresh air will help your mood too.

✔️Include light stretching, yoga, and foam rolling to help tired and tight muscles.

✔️Starting your day with movement will help clear your mind, get you in a positive mindset, can help you be more productive, and keeps you motivated to make healthier choices throughout the day.

3. Eat breakfast

✔️Keep it healthy – oatmeal, eggs and toast, fruit and yogurt, a protein shake. Aim for a balance between protein, healthy carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Eating healthy throughout the day starts with a clean, energy packed breakfast.  Try to avoid sugary foods like cereal, breakfast pastries, and processed meats.

✔️Breakfast can be before or after your morning workout, but make sure you refuel if you prefer to workout on an empty stomach. Don’t forget to hydrate too!

✔️A healthy meal to start the day will instantly boost your mood, give you good energy, and a full stomach for a better morning.

4. Plan your day

✔️Get your to-do list out of your head and in your planner.  Map out your day and make sure you have plenty of time to complete the more important tasks on your list.

✔️This will help you feel more organized, confident, and less stressed heading into your day.

✔️Don’t overschedule, overcommit, or even under-plan. Curve balls are usually guaranteed, make sure your day has some available flexibility.


5. Take a few moments for yourself

✔️Mental workout – If you’ve already worked out, you’ve taken some time for yourself, but go a step further and work on your mental well-being too.  Examples include reading a personal growth book or listening to a motivational podcast.

✔️Practice gratitude – think of three things you’re grateful for. You won’t be able to let negativity in because you’ll be full of happiness. While you’re practicing gratitude, add in some affirmations for yourself to retrain your brain to rid itself of negative self talk.  This tip for a better morning is guaranteed to boost your mood and mindset.

✔️Meditate – pause and take a few breaths without thinking about every single thing you need to do for the day.  After all, you just got those thoughts out. Focus your mind on your breathing and allow yourself to be still for a few moments.


6. Leave 15 minutes early

✔️Avoid traffic, accidents, weather conditions, parking and headaches.

✔️Take your time for a stress-free drive and morning.

✔️Arrive to work early and have time to get situated and ready for the day.  Even grab a cup of coffee when it’s still fresh and hot.


7. Have a successful night

✔️Get to bed at a reasonable time. Getting to enough sleep is half the battle to a better morning. If you aren’t getting enough rest, your mind and body will resist the previous 5 steps. Try to get the recommended amount of sleep a night and set yourself up for success in the morning.

✔️Eat a healthy dinner and try not to snack on sugary treats before bed. Unhealthy snacks can disrupt your sleep cycle. Grab a handful of almonds or some veggies instead.

✔️Ditch your screens 30 minutes before your intended bedtime. Electronics can stimulate your brain. As a result, this interferes with healthy sleep.  Try reading a book or listening to a guided meditation.


If you want to have better mornings and days, it’s up to you to create a positive mindset and lifestyle that will have you feeling good each day. Take it one day at a time, one tip at a time. Work on a better attitude towards getting up a little earlier and adding in healthier habits to create a better mood, a more productive day, and most of all, a better morning every day!