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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Pivoting to Technology Needs of End Users 

When it became evident COVID-19 was going to sweep the nation, not many were ready for the impact it was about to cause on operations. Because Applied Innovation was tagged as an “Essential Business,” we were very grateful to continue operations, both remotely and on-site as needed. We recognized a strong need to create a work-from-home structure for our own employees – as they had requirements such as shredding confidential documents, accessing critical files, and being able to maintain security and compliance.   

Luckily, our own IT team had proactively planned for this disaster and had written it into our own IT roadmap so quickly jumped into action. Our team efficiently set up each employee with endpoint security, connection tools, remote platforms, and more.  

Being in the industry of helping businesses stay connected, we knew immediately Applied Imaging had to ramp up operations in our ECM and NetSmart Plus divisions, especially since many businesses may not have been prepared for this. We also understood that over-communicating on our part was necessary – from blogs and social posts about correct sanitization tactics for office equipment to tips for time management when working remotely with kids. “We identified relevant content that would be best to share with the community to ease anxiety over what could potentially come,” states John Lowery, President of Applied Imaging.  

ENX Magazine, a national news publication for the technology industry, reached out to us during the pandemic, curious to see how dealerships were reacting and providing services to help. Joined by several other dealers around the country, Applied Imaging’s goal is to ensure businesses are prepared with the tools and plans necessary for any future uncertain times and that we can quickly, and strategically, assist with any technological accommodations.   

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