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Sheila Keller, Marketing Strategist

Lean Office 101: The process map

We have to keep up the momentum and excitement. It’s easy to get excited when talking about how great things are going to be from a 40,000 foot view, but it is not always as exciting to dig into the details. We just finished our third meeting. The process was mapped out based in our previous meeting. Today’s goal is to verify the process to make sure that we did not leave anything out.
We came across a stumbling block today. We planned the meeting, but not all the attendees were able to make it. It’s a common pitfall that we have seen this many times in our clients’ environments, but it was very eye opening to have it happen to us. We were going through the process and realized that for the clarification that we needed, we did not have the correct people in the room. Here is a good take away for anyone trying to get lean in their own office – make sure to have the people actually doing the work in the room. One, it helps create buy-in. Two, it helps make the process go much faster. Even if they can step away for a few minutes it is critical to get them involved.