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Stephen Mayor, Enterprise Content Management

Contactless CDC Automated Screening Form

If your company is like ours, employees and visitors are required to complete a daily COVID screening form required by the CDC.  For some businesses, this means daily emails requesting employees complete the form by a specific time. This new requirement can be challenging and difficult to manage, especially for the HR team.

Thankfully there is a software that provides a flexible, searchable and secure solution to collect and maintain records of the CDC-required employee and visitor health status and contact information.  In addition, the automated software allows for streamlined contact tracing and efficient, safe storage of the daily health screenings.  This software is also compatible with body temperature kiosks to allow for full contactless employee and visitor checking.

Benefits of the Contactless CDC Automated Screening Form

✔️ Provides contactless visitor and employee check-in/check-out with their smartphone and QR code that automatically brings up the CDC COVID-19 Screening Form for them to complete

✔️ Records health screening information while maintaining data privacy

✔️ Enables compliance with federal and state guidelines

✔️ Helps employees to maintain an ongoing safe work environment

The screening e-form software we are now offering is a critical element in ensuring that you meet regulatory requirements, reduce liability and build employee confidence in your offices health and safety precautions. It’s as essential as deep surface cleaning, requiring masks or reconfiguring your space to meet social distancing guidelines. Implementing the online form is another way to make employees more comfortable about returning to the office. 

Contactless CDC Automated Screening Form Demo

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