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Brittany Denton, Applied Resources

CDC Recommended Activity Minutes

Applied Innovation has 14 teams actively working towards the CDC’s recommendation of 150 minutes of physical activity each week for an individual. We are sneaking in active minutes whenever possible throughout our days.

Our Novi copier Set-Up team is crushing the completion thus far by going well beyond the 150 minutes each week for each individual. Together, the team has been walking throughout our Novi office each hour of their day. This has been a time for them to work on one of Applied Innovation’s Elements of Success, Build Team Unity or as we call it around the office BTU, nope, not the British Thermal Units you might assume.

If you have been walking through our offices during this time, you will find creative ways we have been adding active minutes to our day. Here is what we suggest to sneak in those minutes:

  1. Walking meetings-These have become a huge hit for us. The exercise is increasing our mental game.
  2. Bike when you can-We love our office bikes.
  3. Take the stairs whenever you can
  4. Park further away
  5. Stand while on the phone or walk while talking if you don’t need access to important documents

We are excited to see the final results of this team challenge.