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Heath Bauman, vCIO, NetSmart Plus

How 5G Cellular Will Revolutionize the Way We Connect to the Internet

5G uses map

By now you’ve probably heard of Internet of Things (IoT), as it refers to all of the devices in our lives that connect to the internet. From refrigerators that automatically order from Amazon, to the watch on your wrist, these every day devices have become supercomputers.  All of these devices require some kind of connectivity to the Internet.  The faster and more reliable the connection, the better these devices serve us. With even more advances in speed and reliability, 5G cellular will revolutionize the way we connect to the Internet, and will change America too.

Newer, Faster Connectivity

5G refers to the next generation cellular that promises extremely fast service. In early 2019, the main cellular carriers in the US started rolling out 5G service in select markets nationwide. As providers march forward with more and more transmitters, we will begin to see denser 5G areas appear.  This will result in making owning 5G devices more feasible and in turn, transform our internet experience.

Primary Source of Internet

It may seem obvious that we will enjoy faster internet speeds on our smartphones with 5G, but the real advantage will be seen by businesses looking for new ways to connect to the internet.  5G will make it possible to cut the cable and begin using wireless as the main internet pipe. Often, as a company grows and expands into a new location, they can expect weeks of waiting to get that new fiber or coax internet connection installed.  With 5G, you can be up and running in no time. Though for those of us who are not early adapters with 5G, a cable connection is still possible.  With this you can still keep your 5G equipment and use it as a backup.


5G also makes it easier to connect remote video cameras.  In addition, 5G can connect other security related IOT items that would otherwise make it hard to run cable to. With the high bandwidth of 5G, it will be easier to transmit high-quality video, and will open up more people to cloud-based video surveillance.

The Future

The industry is just now dipping its toe into 5G, but as it moves forward, we will discover new ways to leverage this speed to fit our needs.  Expect to see the landscape of the delivery of internet to change drastically over the next few years.